Pasties by Post

Enjoy the taste of Cornwall delivered to your door

If you would like a real taste of Cornwall delivered directly to your door, anywhere in the UK (mainland only), please telephone our Sales Team on 01208 892722. Please Note: Prices exclude postage and packing, unless otherwise stated.  Pasties are cooked, ready to eat when despatched.  


Pasties:Large(454g)Medium (275g)Small (190g)Cocktail
Cheese & Onion£3.80£3.00£1.85£1.40
Steak & Stilton£4.40£3.20£2.00£1.55
Chicken & Vegetable£3.90£3.05£1.90£1.45
Pork & Apple£3.75£3.00£1.85£1.40
Stilton & Broccoli£3.75£3.00£1.90£1.40
Chicken Balti£3.90£3.05£1.95£1.45
Cheese & Bean£3.75£3.00£1.85£1.40
Bacon & Leek£3.90£3.05£1.90£1.45
Chicken & Chorizo£3.90£3.05£2.00£1.45


Cakes: (inc. First Class P&P)LargeSmall
Saffron Cake£8.50£6.85
Yeast Cake£8.15£6.60
Seed Cake£7.75£6.45


Buns: (plus Postage)4 buns
Cornish Yeast Buns£1.64
Saffron Buns£1.68
  Cost of Courier: Up to 15kg (50 Medium pasties) = £15.00.  Cost of Courier service for orders over 15kg on request.