Our Bakery Products

We have many shops throughout Cornwall offering the finest Cornish Pasties, Saffron Cakes, a wide range of mouth-watering confectionery, and several recipes handed down by Malcolm’s father and grandfather.

We have a delicious selection of Bread, Pasties, Savouries, Sandwiches & Rolls, Morning Goods, Buns & Pastries, Cakes, Breakfast and Hot Drinks.


Our Offers

  • 6 Frozen Cocktail Pasties £8.50
  • 6 Frozen Small Pasties £10.50
  • 6 Frozen Medium Pasties £17.50
  • 6 Frozen Large Pasties £21.00
  • 6 Delicious Doughnuts £3.25
Please note: Our offers are instore only and can not be applied to pasties by post. Read more
  • Cornish Pasties

    Pasties & pies

    Our famous Pasties have been described as the best in Cornwall, freshly made and locally sourced ingredients!

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  • Cakes


    Wickedly scrumptious Confectionery, pop into your local Barnecutt Bakery and feast your eyes on the array of temptation!!

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  • Bread

    Speciality Bread

    Our Bread is made of the finest ingredients and is baked using skills handed down through generations.

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  • Gluten Free

    See our range of Gluten Free baked products made of the finest ingredients

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  • Buns & Pastries

    Cakes and buns

    From our famous Doughnuts and Saffron cake to the seasonal specials available on our counters.

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  • Savouries


    Treat yourself to a snack from our range of tasty savouries all made with only the finest ingredients.

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  • Sandwiches & Rolls


    Freshly prepared sandwiches, paninis and salads.

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  • Breakfast


    Have you missed breakfast? Pop in and grab yourself a freshly baked Croissant, Bacon baps, Sausage baps or even a full English breakfast.

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  • Hot Drinks

    Enjoy a lovely barista style coffee using Cornico premium Coffee Beans.

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