Our Bread is made of the finest ingredients and is baked using skills handed down through generations.  Barnecutt Bread contains only natural ingredients and is best eaten fresh so pop down to your local Barnecutt Bakery daily for your daily dose of goodness!!

Speciality Breads

We also produced a number of speciality breads including; Corn Bread, Donker Bread, White Maize Bread, Seeded Maize Bread, Rustic Italian, Sour Dough, Spelt & Honey, Spelt & Walnut , Chia Seed….

Our Offers

  • 6 Frozen Cocktail Pasties £8.50
  • 6 Frozen Small Pasties £10.50
  • 6 Frozen Medium Pasties £17.50
  • 6 Frozen Large Pasties £21.00
  • 6 Delicious Doughnuts £3.25
Please note: Our offers are instore only and can not be applied to pasties by post. Read more