Buns & Pastries

From our famous Doughnuts and Saffron cake to the seasonal specials available on our counters, you will always find our Cakes and Buns to be fresh and tasty.

We have a great selection of Cakes and Buns including; Jam Doughnut, Chelsea Bun, Danish Whirl, Saffron Bun, Yeast Bun, Tea Treat Bun, Foil Cake, Saffron Cake, Victoria Sponge, Butterfly Cake…

Our Offers

  • 6 Frozen Cocktail Pasties £8
  • 6 Frozen Small Pasties £10
  • 6 Frozen Medium Pasties £16.50
  • 6 Frozen Large Pasties £20
  • 6 Delicious Doughnuts £3.25
Please note: Our offers are instore only and can not be applied to pasties by post. Read more