Gluten Free

Gluten Free Products

Traditional steak pasty
Cheese & onion pasty

White loaf  454g
Seeded loaf 454g

Plain scone
Fruit scone
Chocolate Victoria sponge
Jam & Cream Victoria sponge

Individual Cakes

Chocolate brownie
Fruit & nut treat
Shortbread biscuit
Fruit and nut cake
Gingersnap biscuits
Choc chip cookies
Lemon polenta cake
Cornish heavy cake
Bakewell tart
Pecan pie
Chocolate muffin
Roch bun
New Zealand slice

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Our Offers

  • 6 Frozen Cocktail Pasties £8.50
  • 6 Frozen Small Pasties £10.50
  • 6 Frozen Medium Pasties £17.50
  • 6 Frozen Large Pasties £21.00
  • 6 Delicious Doughnuts £3.25
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